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I have completed my A-Levels and I am currently doing a one-year Foundation Art and Design course.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

My double page spread article

I created a double page spread article about my collection, aimed at 'Elle Decoration' magazine and appealing to my target audience.

I thought very carefully about the composition and overall effect of the article, I feel that visually it works well and looks professional.

The Sundae Collection- My completed piece

I am really pleased with my completed piece, all of the pattern designs work well together and compliment one another. It optimises my chosen 1960/70s british holiday theme and evokes personal family holiday memories that everyone can relate to. It offers a sense of escapism to the seaside!

Friday, 1 June 2012

My Interior seating fabric design

The background is my stripe pattern design, I measure precisely the width of each stripe and used masking tape in order to get a straight line. I am very pleased with the result.

I screen printed my pattern desing on top of the stripe pattern backgroud, it took me a while but I am very please with the result. The images contrast the backgroud pattern well.

Beach Hut sign and Logo

I painted my beach hut sign and carefully chose the font and logo.

I thought carefully about what font would work best with the theme. I wanted a font that was curvey, portraying a relaxed family holiday atmosphere, however also portraying a sense of elegance. I feel my chosen font works perfectly in doing this.

I used the pastel blue colour for the font, matching the majority of the beach hut, against a pink background ( incorporating the chosen colour scheme and linking the font of the beach hut with the sides).

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Trip to the V&A museum, London

Peter Mumford
Set and lighting designer

It is divided into four parts: Energy, Mass, Manhattan Projects and Speed of Light.
He created four versions of a space that revealed and used light in different ways, both painterly and using the physical power of intense light.

What inspired me most about this piece of work was how different moods and atmospheres can alter so differently just by the power of lighting.

Kylie's Dressing Room

This is an exact replica of Kylie Minogue's dressing room for her 2007 Showgirl: Homecoming tour. The display features everything from her sheepskin seat cover to the good luck message from her sister Dannii written in lipstick on the mirror.

This really captured my interest, I love the element of presence created and it gives the impression that Kylie Minogue has just left the room to perform on stage. I want to present this idea in my own work and create a sense of presence.

Beach hut coat hooks

I painted some mini beach hut coat hooks in the same style and colour scheme as my beach hut.

I feel the beach hut hooks add to the warm family holiday atmosphere and creates a cosy visual impression on the audience as they approach the beach hut.

Trip to the MAC exhibition hall

Imogen Luddy

Jan Garside

My Thoughts

What interested me about these two exhibition pieces is the way an element of presence is created, this is something I would like to create in my own exhibition piece.